Fight Fall Dryness + a Special Cleanse Offer

Did you know fall is actually the driest season of the year?

It's a label usually associated with winter months, in part thanks to dry indoor air from our heaters.

Whether it's fall or winter, dry skin often follows; but you can fight dry skin with a few of my simple tips and techniques.
  • Eat hydrating foods: Just like they sound, hydrating foods are filled with moisture. Think about a juicy apple versus a dry cracker.
  • Eat warm, moist foods: Cooked vegetables with oilive oil or ghee will counteract cool dryness.
  • Give yourself an oil massage: Massage sesame oil over the body 20 minutes before you shower.
  • Resist the urge to turn up the heat in the shower, go for tepid or cooler water. Hot water actually softens and strips away our protective layer, leaving you dry.
  • Sip on warm water instead of iced to open channels and clear away toxins.
  • Get your digestion running in tip top shape to properly 'take out the garbage' and allow for the best absorption of minerals and nutrients.

This last tip is the most important because everything runs through the digestion system and if it's not working properly the your body won't be absorbing nutrients, or even water, properly.

Need a little help in this area? Our Clean Food Cleanse can help you get the body running smoothly (with the added benefit of losing a few pounds to boot)! You'll have our full support from beginning to end, but grab a buddy and reserve your spots with our 2 for 1 offer good through this week!

Yes, reserve my spot!  I want to get a jump on my health with the Clean Food Cleanse.
Hurry, we kick off on October 23rd!


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