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... on Corporate Wellness

hank you so much for last night! Everyone had a blast and I can’t wait for our next event! - Season

t was obvious Monique was well-prepared and knowledgeable about her presentation. Providing unique, healthy, and tasteful food was a bonus!  I appreciated that Monique was realistic in her answers to questions. Many times, a nutrition presentation goes overboard to convince the audience to adopt a healthy culinary lifestyle, sometimes to an extreme.  Monique was cognizant of individual needs and tastes, and was not force-feeding us nutritional facts. – Marty

onique was knowledgeable, friendly and very approachable. She had educated answers for all of our questions and then some! I recommend her for anyone looking for healthy alternatives in their diet – Kristopher

n an industry that thrives on misinformation, Monique cuts through these dividing forces with a clear message about healthy eating. Monique is very enthusiastic about her passion, and this comes across in her presentation. She comes prepared to show you how easy it is to make healthy food with simple, delicious recipes, that you can eat in real-time. All the food she promotes is whole, healthy and in-season, and is known to defend against disease. Lastly, she recognizes that diets are untenable with deadlines and she rather promotes a slow shift to attainable, long-lasting healthy eating – Eric

t was such a great idea to have wellness day at our company. Thank you, Monique, for sharing your passion for healthy way of eating and delicious recipes.  I already tried to make 2 sauces and I love it. Look forward to new events and classes in the future. - Nataliya

ollowing a recommendation I contact Monique to organise an activity for a group of work colleagues. From the start, Monique was so easy to work with - she had lots of ideas, and was really keen to find the right activity for the group. She was in regular contact ... When the group turned up we were all blown away by her beautiful apartment and the roof terrace overlooking the Chicago skyline. Monique was the perfect host - she gave us plenty of space to relax and chat to each other, and then got us making pizza dough. The recipes were simple, so everyone could take part, but were also really fun to make.  We ended up all sharing the pizza's that we made (and there were more than enough to go around) so it was a really enjoyable communal cooking and eating event - perfect for getting a group of workmates together. The whole evening was fun and very relaxed and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The pizza's were delicious! I will be definitely be returning and am also interested in Monique's rooftop yoga and brunch events through summer. After the event all my colleagues thanked me for organising such a great evening!  ALI

... on Healthy Dinners:

onique was such a gracious host. The food was delicious, the rooftop deck was divine and a fabulous time was had by all. I highly recommend dining with Monique!

hat a wonderful experience! Monique {and Dave} were absolutely phenomenal hosts. The food was delicious, the presentations were unique and inventive, and the ambiance was absolutely breathtaking.
Thank you so much for such a memorable evening!

he dinner last night was fabulous.
The setting, presentation, food and company all were excellent!
I loved that you use healthy ingredients too.
You exceeded my expectations and I'm looking forward to experiencing more...!
Thank you!

just want to thank you again for such an amazing dinner! The food was awesome, and I loved your rooftop!

food was AWESOME!

This was our favorite experience we had during our trip to Chicago. [Monique] had so much knowledge from growing the vegetables to getting fresh local meats and produce but most of all cooking it to become a delicious, perfectly balanced and healthy meal.
She creates a welcoming environment to match the private experience. The rooftop kitchen and dining area compliments the amazing views of the city.

Our private anniversary dinner on the roofdeck was phenomenal! The view and atmosphere were amazing and the food was impeccable! Monique gave us a tour of her garden so we saw where most of our food was coming from! How cool is that? We highly recommend Monique and Happy Eats Healthy!! We will definitely be back!! - Pat and Stacy

...on Teaching:

Monique is amazing! Her personality and her very interactive teaching method is great! Thank you!
~CE student

Highly impressed with Monique! I was engaged and interested in the material for the duration of the class.
~CE student 

Monique is so sweet and a great teacher. I felt empowered from her courses and cannot wait to use what she has taught me for my own career.
Wellness Student

Wonderful! Most 'enjoyable CE course I have ever taken! Very knowledgeable, great teaching and wonderful delivery.
~CE student

I learned [some] new things that can help me, thank you very much!
~CE student

Monique taught with great knowledge, confidence and expertise...I made personal progress in my own health journey with these lessons plans.
Wellness Student

Loved this class. Monique is great! Knowledgeable!
~CE student

This course is a fantastic survey of nutrition. Monique is very knowledgeable and passionate about food and overall health. Very good eye opening information.
~CE student

Monique is a great instructor, very easy to understand and approachable; loved that she made topics relatable.
Wellness Student

Loved the class, especially with Monique as instructor. Very delightful and wonderful human being inside and out.
~CE student

I thought I had it. But I learned a ll the fine tuning I needed, especially like the resources for future teaching, coaching and teaching.
~CE student

Monique knew the material without reading word for word off the powerpoint, and had great real life examples to go with the lessons. Can't wait to learn from her again!
Wellness Student

Monique was a great motivator. She made me get excited about new things that I want to try to set new goals. She is very confident and knows her craft
Wellness Student

Loved it and learned a lot! Would definitely take one of Monique's courses again.
~CE student

Monique was outstanding & very informative + enjoyable class.
~CE student

Monique was very engaging and resourceful.
Wellness Student

Very knowledgeable and kept our attention very well. Great hair!
~CE student

...on Health Coaching:

I cannot thank you enough for getting my eating habits on track. Your ideas and insights made me more aware of all the wrong things I was eating and doing. Your recipes and suggestions worked and they taste great too. Everyone needs a little coaching at times and I am very happy you were mine. The diary has worked well as it is a constant reminder of what I have consumed during the day.

I know I will be in touch, as falling off the wagon a bit is inevitable. I highly recommend that anyone looking for nutrition and life style help contact you. I certainly will and have recommended you to friends and acquaintances. Thanks again and best wishes.



You are the best listener! I feel like nobody has ever listened to me before. Thank you!


I didn't really think I was making much progress, but after looking back all the changes I've made and incorporated- I'm so excited! This is farther than I've ever made it before. Thank You!


...on Cooking Classes:

Hi Monique!! Just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had at the Fabulous Falls Sides class on Sunday. Today, we had the squash/apple/pear salad and it was delish!!

That [Grilled Soups and Salads Class]  might have been my favorite cooking class ever! And I have taken quite a few over the years! Thank you so much.

The class [Food as Fuel] was amazing! It was fun, informative & delish!

Monique is a good artist. It's amazing how she combines so many different flavors in a casual way to create something that is both sophisticated and simple. I walked away from her soups and salads class with more than just a few recipes; I walked away with the ability to cook (experiment) with confidence.

My partner and I had a fantastic experience at Monique’s grilled pizza class. Everything was just perfect — the host, the food, the setting, and the crowd of fellow food lovers were just all amazing and fun. I never knew that pizza could be so easy, creative, and nutritious. A standout was the green bean pizza. Who knew — green beans!? Oh, and they were picked from her rooftop garden! I highly recommend the class.

Great class!!

The Super Smoothies 101 class was educational, interactive and a lot of fun!  Having taken a different smoothie making class in the past, I wasn't sure how much new info. I would learn from Monique.  The answer was - a lot!  In addition to covering how certain ingredients work together, we learned many useful tips and time-saving tricks for both smoothie making and healthy eating in general.  And so much smoothie tasting in the process, I was full for the rest of the day!


Thanks! Sunday was really fun and I loved that these dishes are easy to make! We will definitely be taking more of your classes already looking forward to booking the next one


Monique’s cooking class was a great night out. The class was fun, educational and covered a variety of food related topics. I have already recreated several recipes from the class and the class has also encouraged me to do more cooking.



Cooking with Monique is proof that eating healthy food doesn't mean sacrifice. As someone who is gluten and dairy free, I tend to cook a lot at home but fall into a rut with the same meals every week. Monique's cooking class gave me inspired ways to try flavorful, healthy and simple meals to mix up my weekly routine. She also gave me some great cooking tips to add to my arsenal. Best of all, Monique is an absolute pleasure to be around. She's a genuinely caring, approachable and fun person, and all her love goes straight into the food she cooks. I highly recommend her!!!



Monique teaches a smoothie class, yes!  And I took it.  To begin with she talked about preparation.  You ever watch cooking classes on TV?  Everything is already prepped.  So, you really don’t have any idea how long it actually takes to cook the recipe.  Well, Monique showed us how to do everything.  She gave us time saving short cuts for preparation.  For example, how and why to freeze fruit and vegetables.  We sat around the kitchen counter where Monique demonstrated everything and we asked questions.  She made 5 different smoothies and talked about the nutritional value of the different vegetables and fruits she used.  It was informative and fun.  A great combination.  And, we got to try all 5 smoothies.  Be sure to go on an empty stomach.  I was full to the brim when I left.

Jane W.

Great instructor! Weaved in hands on lesson, discussion and breaks nicely.

Very well organized and explained

Very interesting. I think I may be able to use some of these things with my family!

Monique was great! So much new info and fun!

This was a great experience!

Great Instruction. East to follow. Great Presentation.

Smattering of applause from Healthy BootCamp Cooking Class:

~Loved the class, esp. learning about + trying ingredients I didn't know about.  
~Excellent class and classroom part was very inspirational.
~So much fun!
~Learned a lot!
~Such a great experience.
~Great info, new ways of doing things.

...on Demo work:

Working with Monique was a true pleasure. From her upbeat, positive attitude to her engaging personality and ability to speak to virtually everyone, both myself and client have nothing but rave reviews for her. She was able to quickly learn key messages with regard to a specific product and brand and in turn demonstrate the product’s capabilities to a crowd  continuously throughout the day. She also was able to offer a variety of smart tips based on her nutrition expertise when asked by audience members. We are not often in the Chicago-area but when and if we are again require assistance, Monique will be the first person I call to help!

More kind words...

My daughter and I really had an awesome time at your yoga/brunch event. Your apartment and roofdeck is the PERFECT venue for something like this. The food you prepared was absolutely yummy.  In fact, I’m going to start grilling my romaine from now on! 


Monique was an excellent teacher and clearly is an amazing chef.


You are the best listener! I feel like nobody has ever listened to me before. Thank you!


As a semi-healthy eater, on the fence between vegetarian (with some carnivorous lapses) and vegan, I loved working with Monique. She developed a flexible meal plan, with accompanying lifestyle changes that focused on whole-body health, which allowed me to be creative in my day to day choices.


This experience was fantastic! It is everything and more than I thought it would be. Monique is an excellent hostess! She was extremely friendly and provided us with many food tips. The food was exceptional and the atmosphere was fun!


Loved this experience. Went with my favorite foodie. Evening was casual yet structured - we had an in-kitchen tutorial and a roofdeck tutorial on pizza grilling. Monique was easy to talk to, easy to learn from; and the food was delightful. Super, super fun!

Detox Testimonials

Committing to and completing the January reset was the best New Year’s resolution I ever made.  Monique’s guidance and enthusiasm made it all possible. 
I have become more conscientious of the food choices I make and have incorporated many of the recommendations into my daily routine. 
I recommend this program to anyone who needs a jump start towards a healthier lifestyle.

Deb K.


I have struggled with various digestive and weight issues pretty much my entire life.  I have tried other detox programs and have never been able to follow them completely because I either felt terrible or was too hungry to continue.  Monique's program was a revelation.  It was flexible enough to accommodate my food likes and dislikes, complete enough that I was never hungry and gentle enough that I still felt well, even as my body was ridding itself of dairy, gluten and the other processed food additives to which it had become addicted.  After the first few days I felt amazing!  I had energy, slept well at night (which has always been a problem for me) and I lost about 10 pounds in the process.  With Monique's support, I reintegrated various foods slowly after the detox, and have been able to pinpoint which ones cause me trouble.  If I eat gluten or dairy, I know the consequences.  The best part of the program was the unfailing support and cheerleading that Monique provided to me.  She steadfastly believed that I could do it, and she made me believe it too.  She is a fantastic coach and I would recommend her and her programs to anyone who wants support on their path to health and wellness.  


The Cancer Coach


I travel for work most of the year and I started packing on the pounds; lack of eating healthy and exercise.   With the beach season approaching I need a boost to get me in shape, and shed some of my unwanted pounds.  I looked at several diet programs/fads and found them all too extreme; most of them were starvation diets. Then Monique introduced me to her program “Fat and Happy Detox”.

Fat and Happy Detox is not a starvation diet, it’s a nutritional cleanse.  It’s an introduction to eating healthy foods, and giving your system a break to get rid of the toxins.  This program fit right in my wheel house.  I followed Monique’s daily plan, and I lost over 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

This program has taught me the value of eating healthy, understanding the importance of organic produce, and minimizing the toxins we put in our bodies every day.

Currently, every morning I make a green smoothie (even when I travel I bring a mini blender, or ask the Hotel if they can blend it for me), eat a salad with protein for lunch, and eat a well-balanced dinner.  I feel I have more energy throughout the day, and I have kept the extra unwanted pounds from coming back.  I have received several compliments from my friends that say that they can tell I lost a lot of my belly fat.

Thank you Monique for introducing me to your program; it definitely made a difference.

Shawn C.


Monique’s cleanse was incredible! She was so informative, providing great information and resources behind all of her food and self-care recommendations. She included delicious recipes, and positive support throughout the two weeks. I did not plan to do the cleanse for the full 14 days, but felt so great that I kept going. I have now incorporated quite a few recommendations into my daily life including more probiotics and a green smoothie in the morning. Overall, I feel more conscious of how my food choices affect my mood and digestion. As an added plus, I have decreased my intake of coffee and sugar!

Health Coach


"I’ve done a couple of cleanses and this was one of the easier ones I’ve done.  I never really felt hungry and was able to curb my many vices and terrible eating habits.  I feel like I have a good base for healthier eating, and a bit more aware of how I feel after I eat certain foods.  I was also introduced to some new foods and got a bit creative with foods. 

After a week on cleansing, I did notice my pants fitting better, and my skin looked better.  Some friends I hadn’t seen in a while even commented on how good/healthy I looked.  

You were very helpful with all my questions and provided some great suggestions along the way.  I also appreciated your positivity throughout it all." 



 “As a semi-healthy eater, on the fence between vegetarian (with some carnivorous lapses) and vegan, I loved working with Monique. She developed a flexible meal plan, with accompanying lifestyle changes that focused on whole-body health, which allowed me to be creative in my day to day choices. Monique not only offered exceptional expertise on the various kinds of food, how to prepare them and their benefits, but also regular moral support for getting through the cravings (or crankies as my family called them). Monique understands that our bodies each have their own needs, unique to each of us, but also the impact food can have on us mentally and emotionally. Through her, I’ve been able to bridge the gap between a healthier me and a happier me.” 


Vegetarian with carnivorous tendencies



"Monique’s detox was unlike others I’ve seen before. I was first drawn to it because it didn’t strike me as a fad diet, rather, a cleanse that you can incorporate every few months as “routine maintenance”. There was no starving yourself, which was key in my decision to embark on the detox journey, and I was still able to eat most of the foods that I usually enjoy. I’ll admit, the breakfast and lunch weren’t a big departure from my normal routine, but it’s always a good reset when you really commit to eating healthy – no exceptions – for a period of time.

Throughout the detox I did notice a few changes, some pleasant, others not, but all were changes that confirmed to me that my body was responding. Probably the biggest impact that this process had on me was the awareness I gained about my relationship with food. Like I said, most of the foods on the menu were not a big departure for me, but it was the putting-my-foot-down against the eliminated food groups that really ended up being a psychological struggle. I wasn’t hungry for those foods, but it was still difficult to resist the temptation of them – all the more reason I felt a sense of accomplishment at the conclusion. For me, the benefit was a feeling of achievement and the self confidence that comes along with knowing that your body has been pampered from the inside out.

Lessons I’ll take from this detox include:

An overall reminder to be thoughtful of what I’m putting into my body.
There is always more room for veggies in your diet.
Listen to your body – it will tell you what it likes/dislikes."
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