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People ask about my favorite products all the time - 'Which coconut oil do you use?" or 'What brand of vitamins do you buy?" I decided to create this resource page to create a list of some of my favorite healthy items. This doesn't necessarily mean these are the only brands I use or that others won't suffice, but it's what I use most often and the work really well for me.

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Loaded with protein and omega-3's, hemp seeds are an easy addition to salads, granola and even blended in nut milks or dressings. I tend towards the organic version but I won't judge you for not. Click here for the non-organic hemp seeds instead.

Raw Cacao is your basic cocoa powder, except that it hasn't been heated so it retains so much more important and delicious minerals like magnesium, antioxidants, iron and fiber.

Looking for a coffee substitute? I've got it! This Dandy Blend is the next best thing to a cup of joe (and this from an ex-coffee shop owner!); it's a mix of dandelion and chicory so you a powerful liver cleanser that is caffeine, gluten, sugar and dairy free!


Yes, chia... like the pet. These absorbent little seeds are chocked full of healthy fatty acids, fiver and calcium!

Blendtec Blender with 2 jars

I use my blendtec multiple times a day- I couldn't be happier with it. One of my favorite features is the Twister Jar addition- it's super great for smaller batches of stiff foods (think almond butter and hummus.)  Plus their customer service is phenom! My lid wouldn't stay totally on after years of abuse and they just sent me new one!

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