Personality Quiz: Juicer or a Blender?

I have juicing and blending on the brain after spending four days last week showing off a new product that juices, extracts and blends (the product was the new 3-in-1 Total Juicer from Juiceman; but don't worry, this post isn't about pushing a product or particular model on you.) Yup, that's me there showing off a gorgeous blood orange. One of the questions that came up over and over again during that time was "should I be drinking juice or a smoothie?"

Tough question for me to answer because it's really up to you which you need/want/prefer. But, I can help sort through the differences to help you decide. Just take a look at these quick categories below and then keep read for the results!

Category J:
Do you want a quicker boost of energy?
Do you want something that is easier on your digestion system?
Do you want to purchase another piece of kitchen equipment?
Do you like a smooth, pure juice drink?

Category S:
Do you want a slower release of nutrients and fiber?
Do you want more of a meal?
Do you want to use your current blender?
Do you like a thicker drink?

Perhaps it's obvious, but Category J refers to juicing while Category S refers to blending (aka smoothies). Lets break this down a bit further.

Blending (Smoothies)

  • Separates juice from the fiber      
  • More veggies per serving
  • Quicker absorption of nutrients and sugar                                              
  • Easier on digestion system
  • Can give you a rush of energy
  • Cleaning a juicer usually takes more work
  • Can save the residual pulp and use in other recipes
  • Combines all the ingredients
  • More fiber per serving, helps to clean out the colon
  • Slower absorption of nutrients and sugars
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar levels and keeps you fuller longer
  • Can add more to blender drinks- like nuts, seeds, avocado and additional protein
  • Quicker clean up

Neither is right or wrong, just different.

In both methods, the most important point to remember is that the bulk of your ingredients should be vegetables and leafy greens, with just a bit of fruit to round out the flavor. Fruit is still sugar and sugar feeds cancer (not to mention it's a contributor to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, bad teeth, it overloads our liver and it's as addictive as a cocaine. So go easy on the fruit and choose fruits low in sugar like berries and green apple.
But start where you have to; so if you need to begin with more fruit and only a small handful of greens at first, do it. cilantro pineapple smoothieYour taste buds will eventually adjust and before you know it you'll be drinking straight up green drinks! If this is you, I made a special recipe to get you started.  

Try this simple Pineapple Cilantro Smoothie for a refreshing pick me up anytime!

Keep in mind you could use a blender to make juice, but you will need to strain the mixture after you blend it. This is a messy process and most likely something you won't do more than once.

I tend to be smoothie gal; partially because I previously didn't own a juicer, but also because I use my smoothie as my breakfast and I like to load it up with hemp, chia and flax seeds along with bee pollen, maca, goji berries and other superfoods. I am now the proud owner of a Juiceman 3-in-1 and super excited to juice it up, so perhaps this is where my personality changes?

Let me know which way you lean and why?