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The 14-day Holiday Eating Pre-Set!

November 4, 2018 @ 12:00 am - November 17, 2018 @ 11:30 pm


Shift your eating and self care practice to create a healthy lifestyle BEFORE the Holidays this year.

Your Holiday Pre-set is here and it’s only 14 days!

Do you dread the holidays because of how they make you feel? Do you assume your going to burn the candle at both ends? Run ragged? Overindulge? Come out the other side feeling crappy, lethargic and heavy?

What if you could reinvigorate your health, your taste buds and gain a new sense of body awareness all in 2 weeks? NO starving, crash dieting, pill popping and promises of the moon.

Don’t dread the holidays this year, go into it feeling your best and experience the difference that makes in everything you do!

Give yourself 14 days to:

  • Feel increased energy
  • Sleep through the night
  • Improve your memory and thinking
  • Lose weight
  • See your skin glow
  • Enjoy a happier mood
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Ease digestive issues
  • Reduce cravings
  • Begin to heal from the inside
  • Commit to a daily movement
  • Learn new self-care activities and techniques that can deepen your experience

Sign up now!

Your body does have built-in detox and removal systems, but we tend to overload those symptoms through the standard American Diet, especially through the holiday’s with stress, lack of sleep, polluted environments and toxin in our everyday products.

Do any of these sound like you:

  • Sluggish?
  • Tired, even though you are sleeping?
  • Or feeling like you can’t sleep?
  • Do you have have brain fog or fuzzy thinking?
  • Irritable?
  • Bloated or having digestive challenges?
  • Is your skin dry, greasy or breaking out?
  • Cravings are out of control?
  • Bad breath?
  • Lost your motivation?

Not only will you learn delicious recipes and simple steps that has helped hundreds of people lose pounds and take control of their health, you will experience self care tools that you can use the rest of your life!

Are you being held back from living your fullest life because you just don’t have the energy or just don’t feel well?

Register to get the free 7 day pre-recommendations!

What if you could increase your energy, lose weight and decrease the bloat in just 14-days?
What would sleeping better do for you?

How much easier would the day be if your digestion worked better?

Or if you ended your sugar cravings?

Or if you didn’t have to fight to get in your clothes in the morning?

Imagine having more energy and balanced hormones.

Even find your kitchen and make delicous, healthy meals and snacks!

Start laying YOUR new foundation of wellness with this 2 week cleanse.


1. We’ll meet on Thursday, November 1st to kick the whole thing off (in person or you can tune in live via Facebook.) You’ll learn all about the 14-day pre-set program, why to do this and what sets this program apart. We’ll walk through your guidebook together and answer questions.

2. You’ll discover foods that heal and understand foods that might not be right for you.

3. Learn about self care tools that will benefit you long after the cleanse is over.

4. Officially we start on Sunday, November 4th, so you have time to shop for ingredients and do a little food prep after the kick off event.

5. Bonus conference calls; one mid-way through the cleanse to keep you supported and one at the end to help you reintegrate foods that we took out. This is a great opportunity for self-discovery of hidden food intolerances.

JUMPSTART your health with our 14-day challenge! Look better, feel better and have more energy!

What’s included:

  • Live kick off event: 2.5 hours long
    • 30 minute discussion on understanding your labs
    • 30 minutes review on the 14 day protocol
    • Delicious food samples
    • Mini workout and deals from Ascend Wellness
    • *discussions will be recorded in case you cannot be present or are joining us online
  • 38 page pre-set guidebook
  • Recipes, prep and storage tips
  • Shopping lists
  • Recommended supplement guidelines
  • Recommended blood labs and review so you can chart before and after progress
  • Private moderated facebook page
  • 1 live Facebook call to check in on progress
  • 1 live Facebook call to discuss reintegration strategies
  • Bonus Pre-cleanse suggestions
  • Post cleanse labs review (live on Facebook)
  • *all calls recorded via Facebook for playback

When is the last time you took time for you?

Sign up today!

Make the decision to join us today, spots are limited!!


How will I feel?
Admittedly, the first 3 days could be challenging, maybe more depending on the toxicity in your body. Whatever aches, burps, rumbles and grumbles you experience in the first three days, be patient with them; they will pass. This is a fantastic opportunityto learn a little body intuition (understand the signals it’s sending you!) The body is an amazing work of art, once we start to feed it real, whole food it begins to heal.

Remember, you won’t be going through this alone!

Will I be hungry?

You don’t have to be hungry on a cleanse. This is not a juice cleanse, you will eat real food!

Can I / do I have to eat meat or fish?

We’ll help you customize the detox to your needs, so you can stay within your own preferred eating plans.

Can I do this from anywhere?

Absolutely! The guidebook will be downloadable and the conference calls will be recorded for you can play back at your leisure.


November 4, 2018 @ 12:00 am
November 17, 2018 @ 11:30 pm
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