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The 21-day SELFISH Wellness Program

January 10, 2021 - January 30, 2021

Selfish Wellness

The 21-day SELFISH Wellness Program

‘Put your oxygen mask on first’
‘You can’t fill from an empty cup’
You’ve likely heard these motivating phrases previously- did you act on them? If you did, it meant you were being selfish. Congratulate yourself!
Being SELFISH is a good thing!  It’s about the importance of being self intuitive, self sufficient and self happy through self care lifestyle practices. Bottom line? It means you take care you first, leaving you strong enough, resilient enough and with enough energy  for all the rest.
Being SELFISH isn’t just about treating yourself with dark chocolate, locking the door to take a bubble bath or binge watching 12 hours of your favorite new show…. (note: we don’t condone doing these from time to time, especially if that’s what brings you JOY!)
But you also have a choice to create a life you DON’T NEED TO ESCAPE FROM.

Enter the SELFISH Wellness program.

This program is focused on discovering your inner power to help you find balance, stop saying should’ve/would’ve/could’ve and to feel more than you’ve felt since … ??
We do this through nutrient-dense food,  thought provoking exercises, mouthwatering recipes, solutions for dealing with those who aren’t on your path, private facebook group with weekly interactive live kick off calls and check-ins, recipe demos, mini-meditations, simple & soothing stretch workouts, fun self-care challenges and more!
Plus, one of the greatest benefits comes from the power of the community participating in the program alongside you.

Self-care isn’t one size fits all. And healthy isn’t a size.


Each of us are working through our own challenges. We’re all different with where we are on our path. So there’s flexibility in this program to control how lightly or deeply you engage.  It’s stress free and we’ll be there every step of the way.

It’s estimated that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit. Be SELFISH and prioritize yourself to commit to the SELFISH 21-day Wellness Program with us for a stronger immune system, a more powerful digestive system, cleaner skin, deeper sleep, eliminate cravings, lower toxic load, reduce weight and gain tools to manage your selfcare your way.

Exciting special collaborations!

Taking care of ourselves isn’t just about food. How we move and breath has an effect on how we feel, how we sleep, and even on our nervous system! I’m thrilled to announce these collaborations:

MINI MEDITATIONS designed specifically for this program:
Nia Washington, NIASHANI Wellness,  joins us to lead the mini meditations. Nia wraps her heart and soul into her meditations while pulling from her experience as a music producer, a massage therapist, and health coach which result in tranquilizing and soulful moments of calm.
SOOTHING STRETCH SESSIONS focused on the fascia and honoring your body through movement:
Stacey Stone, Stone Bodyworks Fitness, will lead a weekly sessions to help us find strength and resilience in our body.

I’m Stacey Stone.  I am a Movement Specialist that wears many hats; personal trainer, yoga instructor, ELDOA instructor, health coach, and body wizard. I am a teacher of movement and of breath.  I believe that by honoring the way in which the body was designed to move and breath- and applying these principles to our daily lives, we have the power to greatly improve the quality of our life.

I specialize in helping people move better- even in the presence of aches, pains, and old injuries. I am truly passionate about sharing my knowledge of movement practices that promote mobility, strength, and ease of movement as we age. In doing so, I hope to empower people to make movement a priority in their lives.

January 10th – 30th
We kick off on Sunday, January 10th and run through Saturday the 30th.
Do this from anywhere! Fully virtual!
After registering through Eventbrite, you’ll receive an email with further details including pertinent dates to mark on your calendar.
What’s all included?
  • a guidebook with thought-provoking exercises
  • a recipe book full of easy mouthwatering recipes
  • shopping lists
  • solutions for eating out
  • ideas for dealing with those who aren’t ‘eating your food’
  • a separate kick off call
  • weekly interactive live check-ins
  • live recipe demos
  • mini-meditations with Nia Washington
  • simple & soothing stretch workouts
  • fun self-care challenges
  • daily support
  • tools you can use for a lifetime
  • a private Facebook group
Have you been putting off your dreams? Suppressing them? Unsure how to reach them? This program is focused on discovering your power as you find balance and confidence, feel more alive, pain-free, happier and with boundless energy.


January 10, 2021
January 30, 2021
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